BNED LoudCloud builds software that improves learning. By focusing on 4 key areas – Learning Analytics, Competency Based Education, Learning Management, and Next Generation Learning Materials including advanced OER Courseware, BNED LoudCloud serves educators and students in higher education, and increasingly, K-12 institutions to address the challenges of affordability, accessibility and retention.

Learning Analytics: Faculty and administration face the challenging task of improving student outcomes without having the necessary resources and insight. LoudCloud solves this problem by identifying the students that need a hand and distilling the right information to enable and empower faculty and advisors to improve student outcomes and retention.

Competency Based Education (CBE): Skill gaps, fast changing labor markets and tuition costs have forced institutions to think of innovative ways to better prepare students for the workforce. The CBE solution tackles this challenge head on by helping institutions design and launch programs that shift the focus from seat time to skill acquisition.

Learning Management: There are so many stakeholders that influence the student's journey and it is hard getting them all on the same page. LoudCloud's simple SaaS based LMS is designed around students, faculty and administrations so that it doesn't get in the way, and instead, becomes an enabler in driving student and institutional success.

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Next Generation of Learning Materials: Offering learning resources that are both affordable and reflect the way students want to learn is very important to us. We work with publishers and other partners to develop and deliver the next generation of course materials for the classroom, including adaptive learning materials and open educational resources.

Built on a foundation of high-quality OER, BNED Courseware lowers the cost of learning materials, is easy to personalize, and ensures students have the course materials they need for academic success. Students gain immediate access to their course delivered through their LMS, and instructors are given the tools they need to monitor student performance. To learn more, go to

Yuzu®, the Company's eTextbook reader, ensures that students have an excellent digital reading experience and access to a broad digital catalog. To learn more, go to


Student Brands is an education technology company that empowers millions of high school and higher-ed students across 10+ countries to succeed with online Study Tools, Writing Help, and Literary Research.

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