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Michael P. Huseby, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Maloney, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Barnes & Noble Education
and President, Barnes & Noble College

Barry Brover, Chief Financial Officer
Suzanne E. Andrews, Chief Compliance Officer, BNED, and Vice President, General Counsel, Barnes & Noble College
Carolyn J. Brown, Vice President, Corporate Communications
Stephen Culver, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Thomas D. Donohue, Vice President, Treasurer and Investor Relations
Joel Friedman, Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer
JoAnn Magill, Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Lisa Malat, Vice President, Operations, and Chief Marketing Officer
Kanuj Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Education, and Chief Strategy & Development Officer
Bill Maloney, Executive Vice President
Michael C. Miller, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, and Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Philip O'Reilly, Vice President, Tax
Seema Paul, Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
Barnes & Noble Education directly serves over 5 million students and faculty members across 777 campus stores nationwide.
Tom Donohue
VP, Investor Relations and Treasurer
(908) 991-2966

Carolyn J. Brown
VP, Corporate Communications
(908) 991-2967

Barnes & Noble Education
120 Mountain View Blvd. Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
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